Friday, October 7, 2022

Prayers for the Season of Pentecost 2022

Friday in 17 Pentecost, October 7, 2022

Eternal Word, when we try to speak your identity, we end up needing to speak the entire linguistic universe to befit your fullness; help us to humbly accept our efforts at interpreting what love and justice means within the linguistic contexts of our lives in our words and body language deeds.  Amen.

Thursday in 17 Pentecost, October 6, 2022

Eternal Word of God, give us grace to use all of the derivatives forms of Eternal Word as they are fleshed out in the discursive practices of our lives.  Give us wisdom to apply the appropriate discourse to the situations with grace that will foster the practice of love and justice.  Amen.

Wednesday in 17 Pentecost, October 5, 2022

God of Everlastingness who is the future on which we can pin our hope; such hope coaxes us to have a faith today which persuades us to live well now because of the of the always, already Cosmic Self-Surpassability.  Amen.

Tuesday in 17 Pentecost, October 4, 2022, Feast of St. Francis

Gracious God, would that people like Jesus and Francis were not so uncommon in our world and that we would be tripping over ourselves in poverty trying to make others rich, or at least have enough.  Amen.

Monday in 17 Pentecost, October 3, 2022

God of health and salvation for all, forgive us when we imply in our world and deeds that your offer of health and salvation is not offered to all; give us grace to make the means of healing accessible to everyone in the ways which are compatible to the situations of human need.  Amen.

Sunday 17 Pentecost, October 2, 2022

God of creative action, you require that the truth of faith involves the pragmatic care of creation and people; forgive us when we reduce faith to fantastic shows of religious acts for motives other than the fullness of love and justice.  Amen.

Saturday in 16 Pentecost, October 1, 2022

Eternal Word, who is God,  you have left us with a record of shocking words of Jesus to impel us to moral and spiritual growth and to help to grow from faith to faith.  Amen.

Friday in 16 Pentecost, September 30, 2022

Jesus Christ our faith exemplar, we ask not for the faith to do fantastic unrealizable things of the imagination; we ask for the strength to do small, mustard seed, reliable acts which can accumulate to become glorious shade trees of refreshment for the weary.  Amen.

Thursday in 16 Pentecost, September 29, 2022

Lord Jesus Christ, we ask not to increase our faith to be able to cast mulberry trees into the sea; we ask to increase our faith exponentially with increasing our capacity and our practices of love and justice.  Amen.

Wednesday in 16 Pentecost, September 28, 2022

Word of God, Christ, whose words of Jesus often seem inscrutable; forgive us for thinking that mustard seed faith is about doing imaginary things like throwing mulberry trees into the sea, when faith is just about living toward the highest persuasive goals of love and justice with our words and deeds and doing it without fanfare.  Amen.

Tuesday in 16 Pentecost, September 27, 2022

Gracious Christ, we seek not faith to cast mulberry trees into the sea; we seek faith that can feed the world and bring justice and dignity to all people.  Amen.

Monday in 16 Pentecost, September 26, 2022

O God who presides over all probabilities and possibilities and honors the freedom of not knowing the future as yet actual, give us the grace to cope with the discipline of freedom, learning to co-exist with things seeming very unfavorable to us, and offering gratitude for the overwhelming sustaining goodness which resides in the conditions of Divine Plenitude.  Amen.

Sunday, 16 Pentecost, September 25, 2022

O God of unity, in our alienation from you, we have acted out and created fixed chasms between us and you and between each other.  Give us the grace to repair the chasms of division through creative bridge making and so reconnect with each other by the mutual honoring of the dignity of the divine upon each life.  Amen.

Saturday in 15 Pentecost, September 24, 2022

O God of closeness, you have buried your image within us even while we in our alienation have created a fixed chasm between you and us and have often lived as though the God signal within us does not exist.  Help us to reconnect with the inner GPS of God's directing signaling image within us.  Amen.

Friday in 15 Pentecost, September 23, 2022

God who is the Wealthy Owner of All, but who does not flaunt this wealth in ostentatious ways but in sharing ways with us; let those who pretend to be wealthy measured by their amount of money be pierced with the spear of charity so that they might live in the image of you who has shared all so that all can have enough.  Amen.

Thursday in 15 Pentecost, September 22, 2022

Gracious God whose wand has cast a world of freedom permitting the probability of all that can happen; we wish to ride on this ocean of probability on a raft of protection in being exempt from the unpleasant, and yet we know that the seeming entropy of life force for individual and changing entities such as ourselves include the transition of death, and death's acolytes of suffering and pain, give us hope in how we organize and choose so that we can influence what is probable in the direction of love and justice.  Amen.

Wednesday in 15 Pentecost, September 21, 2022

God who owns all and who has shared all; we have been given over to loving money as the our root, instead of seeing you as the Root of our being.  Let money be exposed as the artificial valuing system as the idol to replace what is so completely free in life in the gift of creation to us.  Amen.

Tuesday in 15 Pentecost, September 20, 2022

God who has created the great universe neighborhood with a place for humans to live as neighbors; let us not live and take to our graves a great chasm of separation between us and the people who are our neighbors.  Amen.

Monday in 15 Pentecost, September 19, 2022

God, whose legacy is all that was, is, and will be; we cannot empirically know our legacy after we die in the yet unknown realm of those who are departed; keep us mindful of the empirically verifiable legacies which we can leave in this world through the practice of love and justice in our treatment of others.  Amen.

Sunday, 15 Pentecost, September 18, 2022

Lord Jesus Christ, you have said that we cannot serve God and wealth; give us grace to convert our relationship to wealth to the practice of making sure that all people have enough for the sustenances of their lives.  Amen.

Saturday in 14 Pentecost, September 17, 2022

Heavenly King, we use the language of royalty because human history has provided us with monarchs as being unique and powerful people in society; on the death of a good Queen, we affirm Jesus as the superlative person who exceeds the royalty of any human being, and not by thrones, crowns, palaces, and pomp, but by life giving service.  We thank you Christ for exemplifying what true human royalty means as we indulge in sentimental gratitude for earthy royalty who fulfilled their social roles well.  Amen.

Friday in 14 Pentecost, September 16, 2022

Gracious Christ, forgive us for taking the name Christian, when we refuse to advance in the direction of Christ-likeness in our behaviors and words.  Let the advance in the practice of love and justice prove our identity as Christians and not our proud announcements about our Christian status.  Amen.

Thursday in 14 Pentecost, September 15, 2022

Gracious Jesus, your parabolic words challenge us to use our energy for goodness to counter those who use their energy for evil.  Let us not just match good energy for the bad; let us overcome evil with good with the transformation work of Christ in our lives.  Amen.

Wednesday in 14 Pentecost, September 14, 2022

God of Redemption, we have adopted the cross as a symbol of redemption and transformation, even as we do not see either full redemption or transformation which makes the cruelty of the past any more justified in the future.  Give us grace to hold the Cross of Jesus as a symbol of God bowing to freedom in our world for the worst to happen in order that moral and spiritual significance of real freedom be upheld.  Amen.

Tuesday in 14 Pentecost, September 13, 2022

God of freedom, it often seems that the purveyors of injustice and oppression live by the creed that God helps those who take for themselves exclusively; help us to not be fooled by the success of the wicked but continually in freedom work to overcome evil with good.  Amen.

Monday in 14 Pentecost, September 12, 2022

God who is known in whirlwind, fire, health, safety, silence, and in countless sacramental manifestations; grants us versatile hearing to be able to adjust to the modes of your communication, through Christ our Lord.  Amen,

Sunday, 14 Pentecost, September 11, 2022

God of time and history, we remember events of human infamy in hopes that they will not be repeated and the humanity will reject inhumanity.  We remember the 9/11 victims and responders who perished even as we ask for conditions in our world which will bring peace and an end to all strife.  Amen.

Saturday in 13 Pentecost, September 10, 2022

Gracious God, may be we be found by you and converted to those who become finders of the lost who have been marginalized by the cruelty of life and the people of life.  Make us first responders for the lost.  Amen.

Friday in 13 Pentecost, September 9, 2022

Gracious God, we cannot make the things of the past not to have happened, but we need to have grace to help us make the events of the past serve a better now and better future.  Give us grace to inhabit the continual state of aftermath, well.  Amen.

Thursday in 13 Pentecost, September 8, 2022

God, we are not proud of the lostness of our sinful state, but we are grateful that where sin abounds, your grace surpassingly abounds to make up what is lacking in our states of imperfection as we endeavor to be more made in the likeness of Christ.  Amen.

Wednesday in 13 Pentecost, September 7, 2022

Gracious God, guide and finder of those who are lost, help us know ourselves as being found and restored in knowing the divine image on our lives, and let the world be a new environment for us as we recognize the divine presence everywhere because we have been restored in seeing aright.  Amen.

Tuesday in 13 Pentecost, September 6, 2022

Holy God, the very ideal of you means that everyone is a sinner; give us the humility not to make people more sinful than others for segregation practices, and give wisdom in discerning how to prevent the harm that we can do do each other in our sinful states.  Help us to balance love, forgiveness, justice and juridical practices for the common good.  Amen.

Monday in 13 Pentecost, September 5, 2022 (U.S. Labor Day)

God, whose labor is creating, always, already, bless the creative labors of humanity as we seek to develop our gifts for the common good of people and creation.  Give us punctuating sabbath rest amid our labor and let the justice of sustaining wages be given to all who work so that plenty can be their reward.  Amen.

Sunday 13 Pentecost, September 4, 2022

God you have given the literature of church traditions with Gospel words of Jesus so full of irony that we cannot take them literally without committing hatred; help us to discern the spiritual important of the hard sayings of Jesus and so shock us from natural thinking to spiritual insight.  Amen.

Saturday in 12 Pentecost, September 3, 2022

Heavenly Parent, we often like to presume in our sense of favor that our local family affinities are somehow the final affinities of you and we can treat others as though they have been excommunicated from the family of God.  Give us grace to grow in the largesse of the heart of love which defines your very Being.  Amen.

Friday in 12 Pentecost, September 2, 2022

God who is All, we reduce your All to linguistic bite-sized abbreviations of All and how we perceive our living and having being within All that is.  As we swim in the ocean of All, we can only know what surrounds our very limited perceptual raft upon the Ocean of All.  Give us humility to accept our limited views, but faith to know grace in our specifics to be able to project the fullness of grace upon you as the All.  Amen.

Thursday in 12 Pentecost, September 1, 2022

God and owner of all, how can we claim to possess what we did not originate and cannot maintain with final duration?  Give grace for our temporary stewardship with the generous provision of the beauty and supply for our daily needs and give us wisdom to learn to share so that everyone can have enough.  Amen.

Wednesday in 12 Pentecost, August 31, 2022

God of the future, including the events which include discord, suffering, and death; give us faith in our probability planning for what may happen to us and to our world and let us find a way to integrate the events of our lives with volitional wisdom even in the face of our limited perspectives.  Amen.

Tuesday in 12 Pentecost, August 30, 2022

Creator God of infinite diversity who also is great enough to tolerate such diversity; get us who do not handle differences with peace, tolerance, and the appreciation of how variety can make us better fitted to meet the complexities of life's situation.  Give us the wisdom and largesse of hearts to tolerate differences with demonizing those with whom we disagree.  Amen.

Monday in 12 Pentecost, August 29, 2022

God of Wisdom, our wisdom and intelligences is never final or complete; give us grace to leave thought idols which have kept us from new insights and give us the the ability to embrace the freedom to grow in our knowledge and wisdom and accept the inadequacy of old ways of thinking and acting.  Amen.

Sunday, 12 Pentecost, August 28, 2022

God, our creator, you have had open communion with all creation from the beginning even while sin has been the willful and ignorant self-excommunication of us from God.  Give us the grace to restore Holy Communion as a chief icon for the eternal Communion of God with all.  Amen.

Saturday in 11 Pentecost, August 27, 2022

God of love, you have called us to mutual love and to hospitality through the sharing of the things in life which gives us refreshment, aid, and comfort.  Teach us to extend our circles of hospitality so that the artificial lines of segregation might be removed which hinder the friendship with all.  Amen.

Friday in 11 Pentecost, August 26, 2022

God who is the location Container of all things, places, and people; you have made the place and the locations of our lives good; let us not ruin our places and location through the segregatory practices used to divide people into those who can live in the "good" places, and those who live in the "bad" places.  Let the holy ground on which we live bring us to sanctify all the places and people in our lives as we live out holiness with the practice of love and justice.  Amen,

Thursday in 11 Pentecost, August 25, 2022

God of hospitality, you have no peerage, yet you became incognito in Jesus and in the hidden divine image within creation to inspire hospitality as a way of life for people to help each other, especially those who need it the most.  Give us grace to practice hospitality beyond our peer groups and so practice the hospitality of Christ.  Amen.

Wednesday in 11 Pentecost, August 24, 2022

God, we cannot but remain all too human even in our knowledge of you who are more than human; yet you showed us in Jesus that our anthropomorphisms about you are valid ways to awaken the sublime sides of our beings which know the transcendent indwelling of the mystery which always surpasses what we can know or hold in our consciousness.  We thank you for being emptied and funneled into anthropomorphic understanding as the eternal Word which gets rendered in the many temporal words of our lives.  Amen.

 Tuesday in 11 Pentecost, August 23, 2022

God, as we look on the suffering of others, our looking on it even with empathy does not make that suffering our own and we feel locked out of the suffering and unable to bear it with them.  Give us grace to admit the aloneness which suffering creates and that aloneness partakes of the "forsakenness" felt by your Son Jesus on the Cross.  Give us faith to believe that as your forsakenness was redeemed, we too might partake of some surpassing redemption of the sufferings of this world.  Amen.

Monday in 11 Pentecost, August 22, 2022

God, who is at the top of the hierarchy of values, forgive us for our social hierarchies which segregate us from each other because of wealth, education, race and any other standards of artificial division among people.  You have made all people and places well and we ask for grace to do justice to the people and places of our lives.  Amen.

Sunday, 11 Pentecost, August 21, 2022

God of the Sabbath, who rested from creating on a special day; you set for us the day of rest to help us to balance our active lives with rejuvenating silent action of contemplative worship but not to be hindered from doing the saving and healing work of love and justice, even on the sabbath.  Let us be ever ready to do the healing work on the sabbath or at the times when exigent illness arises to face us.  Amen.

Saturday in 10 Pentecost, August 20, 2022

God of the Sabbath, what works can we do to honor the holiness of this day?  Let our works of justice, love, and healing be acceptable oblationary prayers on the Sabbath and on every day.  Amen.

Friday in 10 Pentecost, August 19, 2022

God, we are faced often with exigent needs of others in seeming mistiming with our own schedules so as to be inconvenient.  But in love, you ask us to make the service of care a precedence in how we live together as people.  Deliver us from the "my life is more important than yours" syndrome.  Amen.

Thursday in 10 Pentecost, August 18, 2022

God, whose Being does not conflict with Time, in that as an Omni-becoming Being without a Rival except the Divine Self in a future state, let us accept the newness of what enfolds in time as the new alters all patterns and traces of what has happened and so continuously recreates an environment of new becoming which deconstructs what we once thought held permanence.  Let our becoming with you partake of a degree of the excellence of your becoming lure towards love and justice.  Amen.

Wednesday in 10 Pentecost, August 17, 2022

God of time, you inspire us to be good stewards of the times of our lives and set schedules, calendars, holy time; help us to be flexible in our calendars as it is always divine timing for healing and for love and justice to be actualized.  Amen.

Tuesday in 10 Pentecost, August 16, 2022

Gracious God, who presides over the becoming of all things; the freedom in the world does not conform to our scheduling calendars and we ask for the grace of flexibility to respond to the inconvenience of harm, sickness, and emergency even when they do not occur convenient with our holy days of rest.  Amen.

Monday in 10 Pentecost, August 15, 2022, St. Mary the Virgin

Blessed Mary, full of grace to draw to yourself so many intercessions and become a touching message deliverer to your Beloved Son Jesus.  In your union with your Son, we do not separate you; you and Jesus are one, as we seek to be one with Christ as children of God, and as your children in the community of your Son.  We beseech you to deliver our urgent prayers for the health of our world whom you and your Son love.  Amen.

Sunday, 10 Pentecost, August 14, 2022

God of mercy, we desire Mercy's salve for the wounds of conflict of leaving familiar places and people for the call of our future in better articulated practice of intelligence, justice, and kindness of more people in telling and appropriate ways.  Amen.

Saturday in 9 Pentecost, August 13, 2022

God, who is the Profound Language undergirding the world as The Word; you give us the task to read and interpret all the projected words upon human experience and you ask us to read and upon ourselves and language users, and you have provide in Jesus the interpretive key to read and interpret with accents of love and justice.  Amen.

Friday in 9 Pentecost, August 12, 2022

God who has always already synchronicity with all things; have mercy on us as we receive and process the occasions of our lives with linear before and after occasions and stumble in our mislabeling of the causations of the events of our lives.  In our linear reductions of all surrounding synchronicity, let us receive with grace the piecemeal portions to sustain love and justice.  Amen.

Thursday in 9 Pentecost, August 11, 2022

God who can integrate all past with the now with seamless continuity in time; help us who experience continuity as brash discontinuity in our yet lack of synchronic ability to reconcile all things in real time.  Amen.

Wednesday in 9 Pentecost, August 10, 2022

Gracious God, let our past persuasions of love and justice provide for us the orientation for the rising occasions for new manifestations of justice in the real times of our lives.  Amen.

Tuesday in 9 Pentecost, August 9, 2022

God of our faith, we seek to become more faithful as our persuasions are more clearly illuminated by the insights of love and justice, newly arriving in our convictions of our of what has not been loving and just in our lives.  Amen.

Monday in 9 Pentecost, August 8, 2022

God of Peace, your peace is not incompatible with dynamic grow of societies and persons in love and justice; let us leave what is not yet finished in love's goals even if such departures are painful, so that we attain a higher plateau of peace.  Amen.

Sunday, 9 Pentecost, August 7, 2022

Everliving God, everyone dies without the benefit of knowing everything that came before and everything that will succeed.  Let us co-exist with joyful dance things which came before us and things which will come after us.  And let us dwell in peace of the liminal state between.  Amen.

Saturday in 8 Pentecost, August 6, 2022

God, the evidence of you as the Big Bang on the edge of becoming provides us the sense of being contained from the beginning even as we have been constituted by the prevailing Winds of the Omni-becoming of all, together.  Amen.

Friday in 8 Pentecost, August 5, 2022

God who is always the beckoning field of possibilism, let our lives make actual today what is ideally possible in our visionary field.  Amen.

Thursday in 8 Pentecost, August 4, 2022

God of the authenticity of agreement in saying and doing, let the deeds of my life be so trained in justice as to be always, already oblationary prayers to you.  Amen.

Wednesday in 8 Pentecost, August 3, 2002

God, please overhear me when I continually talk to myself and edit the phrases that occur which count as being worthy of communication with you.  Amen.

Tuesday in 8 Pentecost, August 2, 2022

God, whose favor does not always seem apparent, even as you don't always seem to be our favorite until emergency needs; let us connect whether in non-apparency or states of apparency and so prove the equality of total blessing at work at all times.  Amen.

Monday in 8 Pentecost, August 1, 2022

Gracious God, we accept deadlines in time for things which seem pressed upon us to need to happen and though these deadlines seem very humanly arbitrary, we ask for the deadlines of love's strategy today.  Give us the strategies of love today and with deadlines for fulfillment.  Amen.

Sunday, 8 Pentecost, July 31, 2022

God who is awesome, shock us from the vanity of thinking that our moments of addicting pleasures are final, and give us an appreciation of you as the enduring owner of our lives who outlives us but contains us now and into our afterlives.  Amen.

Saturday in 7 Pentecost, July 30, 2022

God, you have made us with a life-force engine of life, even as people who always already are engaged with our world as desiring people.  We ask that the force of desire might be transformed into the good enjoyment of life and that we be given the grace of self-control to sanctify desire by love.  Amen.

Friday in 7 Pentecost, July 29, 2022

God, you have given us a blessed world to enjoy with many things for our sustenance; give us your Holy Spirit to direct the energy desire of our lives in worship of you and let the desire of our lives not be short-circuited by lingering in addictive and idolatrous behaviors which cause the misuse of good things.  Let the Spirit fruit of self control be our guiding attribute.  Amen.

 Thursday in 7 Pentecost, July 28, 2022

God, you are the owner of all and seemingly unseen because it is hard to focus upon All with our limited capacity; give us grace within your All to be stewards of the portions of our provenance and deliver us from the vanity of pretending that we own our lives and the things of our lives.  Amen.

Wednesday, in 7 Pentecost, July 27, 2022

Lord God, Ruler of the universe, we have tried to usurp ownership of this world an and we have not taken good care of it; restore us in rightful stewardship roles so that we might treat each other with dignity  and care, and that we might keep our environment sustaining for those who come after us.  Amen.

Tuesday in 7 Pentecost, July 26, 2022

Gracious God, maker, owner, and sustainer of the universe, in your incognito presence, you allow the free conditions and people of greed to usurp your ownership rights and amass much more than they need, and many without knowledge, wealth, or power, suffer from lack.  Let your love beckon us to sharing and when people suffer lack, let laws of redistribution be implemented to represent the care which you desire for everyone.  Amen.

Monday in 7 Pentecost, July 25, 2022

Gracious God, help us to learn that care for everyone is the chief task of what it means to be creative; and deliver us from the paths of using creativity for destructive, greedy, and selfish ends.  Amen.

Sunday, 7 Pentecost, July 24, 2022

God of Time and Freedom, you are always the Plentitude which is expanding and remaking what has happened and another creation is always inevitable; you have given us a degree of freedom to be volitional co-creators in helping what is to become in this world.  We ask for grace to help this world to become more just and loving in our specific contexts and so influence in expanding and collateral ways the surrounding contexts toward love and justice.  Amen.

Saturday in 6 Pentecost, July 23, 2022

Loving God, you have made us accountable to perfection so as to give us a direction for living, even as you offer us continual forgiveness for being "not yet" perfect; give us grace to forgive as we are forgiven and let us not use forgiveness wrongly as a "carte blanche" to resist accountability in the direction of what is better for us.  Amen.

Friday in 6 Pentecost, July 22, 2022

Jesus in your teaching you taught to address God as our Father, to ask for enough food, to ask for forgiveness and its reciprocal practice in our communities, being spared trials and so as the "corporate us," we offer these petitions again for all of God's children who can know God as "our" Father.  Amen.

Thursday in 6 Pentecost, July 21, 2022

God of the everlasting, endless future, endless creative evolution; in your timelessness you give creation a chance to get things right in how we co-exist with each other and the past of each thing which seems to determine us now; help us to use our limited determining freedom to pass on to the next moment as better past than the one we received.  Amen.

Wednesday in 6 Pentecost, July 20, 2022

Our Father, is my confession of familial relationship with the one whose image I bear, and often fail to live up.  Give us grace not to abuse your tolerant love as we seek to creatively experiment with the paths which we believe to be informed by hope.  And let our quest for hope be know in acts of love and justice today as we treat each person as one of the Family.  Amen.

Tuesday in 6 Pentecost, July 19, 2022

Gracious God, let this prayer and all prayers be votes for the majority rule of love and justice in a free world where forces not so interested in love or justice are casting their votes of evil.  Give us persistence in flooding the interior world with requests of the divine Spirit to persuasively lure us away from the folly of hatred and greed, and into the ways of love and justice.  Amen.

Monday in 6 Pentecost, July 18, 2022

Lord Jesus Christ, your words impel us to be persistent in prayers; and we seek wisdom in being persistent about wanting good things for our world for its health and healing and we seek such persistent so that our character is formed to be the active answer toward many of the outcomes we desire.  Amen.

Sunday, 6 Pentecost, July 17, 2022

God, who has given us the goal of perfection, help us not to dwell in guilt on today's failure or today's success on our path to betterment.  Let us integrate our past and our present as preparation for a better tomorrow especially as we embrace the path of perfection not as individual achievement but as the completeness of common good of all people.  Amen.

Saturday in 5 Pentecost, July 16, 2022

Gracious God, we are in your presence as recovering hypocrites because the perfection we aspire for and preach is not what we've yet achieved; but we're recovering because we haven't given up on the direction of surpassing ourselves in excellence.  Give us patience for ourselves and others as we never cease to quit the path of perfectability.  Amen.

Friday in 5 Pentecost, July 15, 2022

God, whose Being has come to languages by language users to mean the superlative horizons in human analogies; we seek today to instantiate greatness in the funneling through action and words of the values of love and justice which we proclaim to best represent the divine greatness.  Amen.

Thursday in 5 Pentecost, July 14, 2022

God, whose Plenitude, overloads our cognitive limitations and whose light blinds us; give us wisdom adequate to the tasks of love and justice before us and let our spiritual eyesight progressively adopt to be able to see things clearly in the light of pragmatic insights for active love and justice.  Amen.

Wednesday in 5 Pentecost, July 13, 2022

Gracious God who is the supreme projection of Totality by humans who have languages with the word, "ALL."  We confess you as ALL and qualify your ALL-ness with words of perfection like ALL-loving and ALL-kind, even though we know such traits do not have coercive sway among us because of the divine quality of being the ALL-FREE One who shares degrees of that freedom with all.  Give us grace to use our freedom to make love and kindness the way in which we channel the divine into our lives today.  Amen.

Tuesday in 5 Pentecost, July 12, 2022

Risen Christ, you are confessed to be the icon of God within our human experience. As this unique icon, you invite us to orient ourselves toward the horizon of continually surpassing ourselves in excellence, especially the excellences of love and justice in our specific contexts.  Give us grace not to be overwhelmed and discouraged by the "not yet" imperfect; but let us keep our eyes upon future self-passability lest we fall into heading in the wrong direction.  Amen.

Monday in 5 Pentecost, July 11, 2022

Gracious God, you have made us as both contemplative and active beings; give us grace to prove the pragmatic truth of our contemplation through active works of love and justice.  And help us to receive the energy for active love and justice through tapping into the reservoir of contemplative peace.  Amen.

Sunday, 5 Pentecost, July 10, 2022

Gracious Christ, you taught us about a Good Samaritan in a wisdom story; help each of us qualify our lives with a designation as a good person when we apply ourselves to being neighborly to all who are put in our way.  Amen.

Saturday in 4 Pentecost, July 9, 2022

Lord Jesus, friend of the world, you espoused befriending behaviors in proclaiming the entire world as a neighborhood of God's love; give us grace to befriend and offer care beyond our comfortable circle of acquaintances and so follow you as the friend of all.  Amen.

Friday in 4 Pentecost, July 8, 2022

Jesus Christ, you came to teach about the neighborhood of all creation and the importance of continuous reconciling reciprocity among the creatures of the neighborhood to be known as love, justice, kindness, and care.  You have placed us as volitional sentient beings in crucial regulatory roles; give us wisdom to use our knowledge, wealth, and power for the perpetual care of your lovely  neighborhood.  Amen.

Thursday in 4 Pentecost, July 7, 2022

God, without partiality, you bestowed your image upon all people thus making us all neighbors in your grand neighborhood.  You endlessly lure us to neighborly care of each other and our total environment and in our failures we have put your neighborhood in danger.  Give us heart ears to hear your luring calls of love to set us on the path of reconciling our neighborhoods with you and each other.  Amen.

Wednesday in 4 Pentecost, July 6, 2022

Gracious God, we live in your neighborhood, and you ask of us to accept communion with the entire universe as this communion is dispensed and received with loving acceptance but also with the wise regulation which fosters the harmonious, beautiful optimal care of all.  Amen

Tuesday in 4 Pentecost, July 5, 2022

Creator God, you created everyone to be neighborly neighbors.  Teach us to grow in the neighborly values of love, justice, care, and kindness and let us not use inconvenience as an excuse to avoid caring behaviors.  Amen.

Monday in 4 Pentecost, July 4, 2022, Independence Day

Gracious God of Freedom, you inspired people of wise observation to craft a new social order with the hopes of eliminating classism and the ills which beset forms of government which neglected the common good; keep the people of this land diligent to seek the common good and continually practice a discipline resist the selfishness of minority and individual interest which encroaches upon what is just for all.  Amen.

Sunday, 4 Pentecost, July 3, 2022

Jesus Christ, Lord of the harvest, the alienation of people from the obviousness of the plenitude of God's realm with its love dynamic makes the occasions for enlightenment in love and justice abundant.  Give us grace to enable and promote the cause for people to overcome alienation and become converted to love's way of justice and dignity for everyone, because we are called to live together well.  Help us learn to live together well.  Amen.

Saturday in 3 Pentecost, July 2, 2022

God of Time, bring to a transitional end the wars in our world, especially the ones which are taking precious lives each day; expose the complete waste of cruelty and raise up the creativity of love and justice in people everywhere.  Amen.

Friday in 3 Pentecost, July 1, 2022

Gracious God of love, your invitation to love opens us to exploring the endless growth capacity in time to keep finding new occasions to be loving and kind.  Give us grace always to be expanding our occasions of loving behaviors to build our resume to promote loving tendencies forever.  Amen.

Thursday in 3 Pentecost, June 30, 2022

Everlasting God, you are One who gives us everlasting chances to be reconciled to your love and with each other; grant as many as possible the early acceptance of your reconciling love so that we can know significant harmony and healing.  Amen.

Wednesday in 3 Pentecost, June 29, 2022

God of love, forgive us for making our discovery of your love as the cause of such love.  We thank you for the joy of the seeming originality of such discoveries even as we confess that you have always, already been Love.  Amen.

Tuesday in 3 Pentecost, June 28, 2022

Gracious One, in whose realm we live and have our being; help us to realize the Ground of Being on which we live and free us from the alienation of acting and speaking as though you as All in All does not always exist.  Amen.

Monday in 3 Pentecost, June 27, 2022

Gracious God, let us be ripe to want to be know ourselves as children of God today who are loved by you so that we can love one another.  Amen.

Sunday, 3 Pentecost, June 26, 2022

Holy Spirit, help us respond to the power to effect patience and self-control in our lives today so that we might learn perfect timing for doing and saying what is appropriate to each situation in our lives.  Amen.

Saturday in 2 Pentecost, June 25, 2022

Holy Spirit of kindness and gentleness; such traits do not always seem to be winsome in the times of discord and war.  Give us tough and messy kindness and gentleness in times of polarizing anger among people, so that people might be won to the love of God and act differently.  Amen.

Friday in 2 Pentecost, June 24, 2022

Gracious Holy Spirit, please increase the inevitability of wisdom in the lives of all people that we might be inspired beyond the ignorance of our herd identity which has robbed us of our freedom to be formed toward enlightened behaviors.  Amen.

Thursday in 2 Pentecost, June 23, 2022

Holy Spirit of God who gives the fruit of patience; let us have the tolerance for all who are in the process of surpassing themselves in future states, and as we are always not yet perfect, let the hope of the future perfect inspire patience.  But let us not call patience tolerance for the things that we can change.  Amen.

Wednesday in 2 Pentecost, June 22, 2022

Holy Spirit, source of love, joy, and peace.  Give us the grit of the hard love of justice. Help us to access the joy beyond happiness or sadness.  Let your peace reside deeply within us to calm all the surfaces of emotion, will, thought, and action.  Amen.

Tuesday in 2 Pentecost, June 21, 2022

Holy Spirit, you are the source of wonderful fruits which are the expression of the best possible human virtue.  Let your fruits be the transformation of energies which have been used for counter-virtue behaviors so that we might might fulfill our highest human calling.  Amen.

Monday in 2 Pentecost, June 20, 2022 (Juneteenth holiday)

God of Justice and Love, the practice of equal justice for all has been too late to arrive to all people in our country and world; let the gravity of your love continue to bend the arc of justice toward each person coming to know their full dignity as a child of God within their specific communities of people.  Amen.

Second Sunday after Pentecost, June 19, 2022

God our Father, on father's day, you have given us your Son Jesus as a way of realizing that being in Christ, we have come to return to you as the Father creator of us and as our parent you lure and coax us to share love and care within the totality of your creation.  Give us grace to be good family members of all creation.  Amen.

Saturday after Trinity Sunday, June 18, 2022

Gracious God, help us to seek the common good in the lives of everyone in our word; restrain and interdict in consequential ways the tyrants of harm and greed so that all may have enough of the common blessings of life and health.  Amen.

Friday after Trinity Sunday, June 17, 2022

Holy Spirit, draw us into being "in-Christ," where we can live beyond the biases and the prejudices which constitute our specific locations.  Amen.

Thursday after Trinity Sunday, June 16, 2022

Holy Spirit, create an expanding clean heart to the universe and lure all free agents to the brilliance of love.  Amen.

 Wednesday after Trinity Sunday, June 15, 2022

God of Plenitude, I cannot avoid continuous events of particularity with very limited fields of insight within the immensity which seems to blur the significance of occasion.  Give me grace to value the moment as a nano-drop on the ocean of ultimate reality and let enough goodness be joined together to influence the entire direction of the freedom of life toward the goodness of love and justice.  And let our world know significant healing today.  Amen.

Tuesday after Trinity Sunday, June 14, 2022

God, Friend of life which is the gift of all being, we seek your guidance in navigating through endless diversity with the grace of harmony to balance diversity for the experience of beauty without harm.  Amen.

Monday after Trinity Sunday, June 13, 2022

God of our faith, we have come to persuasion, and are coming to unfolding persuasion about you as we endeavor to grow in the wisdom to clarify continually the nature of our persuasion.  We ask for greater adequacy in linking our persuasion with more enlightened wisdom and with the performance of words and deeds of love and justice.  Amen.

Trinity Sunday, June 12, 2022

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, how shall we say that we know unless we submit to your Love to be loving in what we do?  Nothing but your love will convince people of your dynamic Reality and we ask for grace to be bearers of this dynamic relational love to our world today.  Amen.

Saturday after the Day of Pentecost, June 11, 2022

Gracious God, the understanding of you has continuously come to new insights based upon the updating of what loving justice means in the situations of our lives.  Give the people who claim the Holy Book as source of their actions, the ability to do the faithful work of finding the current correspondences for what love and justice means for all people.  Amen.

Friday after the Day of Pentecost, June 10, 2022

Holy Trinity, we cannot prove you, and yet we can be inspired in meaningful ways to manifest the behaviors of love and justice in our lives.  Give us grace to do the evidence of the Trinity in our practice of love and justice.  Amen.

Thursday after the Day of Pentecost, June 9, 2022

Eternal Word of God, from whom we know ourselves primarily to be language users; you brought to us within the discursive field an understanding of the Divine in personal modes indicating that loving divine relationship is the origin of a relationships within the created order.  Let the energy of the Trinitarian love draw us and motivate us in our actions today.  Amen.

Wednesday after the Day of Pentecost, June 8, 2022

God, we understand you to be personal since analogically we believe that using language makes everything personal.  We understand Word to be God and Word is the essence of relationship and relationship makes everything personal.  We are grateful for the insight that the personal understanding of you as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit establishes dynamic loving relationship as the creative center of all Being.  Amen.

Tuesday after the Day of Pentecost, June 7, 2022

Holy Spirit, we have come to name you because we believe in an omnipresence which is the connection experience of conscious and sentient beings able to know that we are not alone and that we experience reciprocity with all other beings.  Give us grace to move from "that we are connected" with all, to "how we are connected" to all with love and justice and mutual care.  Amen.

Monday, after the Day of Pentecost, June 6, 2022

God, you baffle us with the impossible when Jesus said he was One with the Father and when he said he would send the Spirit to relate his words to us.  We confess that a doctrine of the Trinity does not do justice to mystery of all beings all together being one and the Trinity being an instructive intensification of the Oneness of All.  Help us to avoid fragmentation and let the central pull of the inertia of the Trinity draw us toward essential Oneness.  Amen.

Sunday, The Day of Pentecost, June 5, 2022

God of all and in all, we look for what is most interior about our interiors.  In vain we look for precise causation since it rests upon so many unknowable precedences and we feel limited to the surfaces which language creates by naming.  As we flit from words referring to other words, help us to accept our lives as language art lived before the Holy Spirit whom we presume to be beneath the surface of every word.  Amen.

Aphorism of the Day, October 2022

Aphorism of the Day, October 7, 2022

Faith as persuasion has more to do with the Persuader's Values who informs the direction and quality of being persuaded, i.e., having beliefs.  If those values don't include love and justice for all, then one is shooting one's arrow at the wrong target.

Aphorism of the Day, October 6, 2022

Having one's persuasion focused on and defined by Jesus and his values is what the health of salvation meant in the early Christ communities.

Aphorism of the Day, October 5, 2022

"Your faith has made you well."  How does faith make us well?  If we reduce wellness to a "cure in time" then we are perhaps never well since the process of entropy toward death would imply that we are never really well, in terms of being freed from the shelf-life expire dates on various aspects of our physical lives.  Faith making us well has to do with our being persuaded in time always about another future with a variety of personal and social continuities based upon the grand hunch of hope that we will know ourselves and others into an indefinite future.  

Aphorism of the Day, October 4, 2022

If St. Francis is one of the very few who practiced Christ-likeness, there certainly are not many Christ-like people who claim to be Christian.  O we say, but we did not have the same calling as Jesus or Francis.

Aphorism of the Day, October 3, 2022

The message of Jesus is that health and healing belongs to everyone including the people who are regarded by one's society as being enemies.  Yes, rain and sun is available to everyone following the probabilities of the conditions in contextual situation.  We are very presumptuous if we try to limit what God is love means.

Aphorism of the Day, October 2, 2022

Pragmatism means that true value must include functional outcomes.  The same is true of faith; casting trees into the sea is not really a functional outcome; feeding and clothing people is a functional truth of faith.

Aphorism of the Day, October 1, 2022

One needs to treat the words of Jesus as literary artistic words evoking the truth of moral, spiritual, and faith actions and not a language of empirical verifiable phenomenon.

Quiz of the Day, October 2022

Quiz of the Day, October 7, 2022

Who succeeded Felix in convening a trial for Paul?

a. Herod Antipas
b. Agrippa
c. Festus
d. unknown prefect

Quiz of the Day, October 6, 2022

Of the following, which was an early designation of the "Christian religion?"

a. The Way
b. Christianity
c. the rabbinical school of Jesus
d. Resurrection Path

Quiz of the Day, October 5, 2022

Which of the following was not a pejorative opinion regarding Jesus in his time?

a. demon possessed
b. friend of sinner
c. glutton
d. drunkard
e. mad
f. blasphemer
g. greedy

Quiz of the Day, October 4, 2022

What did St. Francis of Assisi do in the fifth crusade?

a. recruited soldiers
b. traveled to Egypt to convert the Sultan
c. organized a prayer crusade
d. joined as a soldier in a crusade deployment

Quiz of the Day, October 3, 2022

Of the following religious leaders, which one did not receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

a. The Dalai Lama
b. Desmond Tutu
c. John R. Mott
d. Dietrich Bonhoeffer
e. Martin Luther King, Jr.
f. Mother Teresa

Quiz of the Day, October 2, 2022

Which is not true regarding the prophet Hosea?

a. he was a prophet of the northern kingdom
b. he was a prophet of Judah
c. he was commanded by God to marry a harlot
d. he prophesied during the reign of Jeroboam II

Quiz of the Day, October 1, 2022

What saved St. Paul from being significantly harmed in Jerusalem?

a. he was a Pharisee
b. his appeal to a belief in the resurrection
c. being a Roman citizen
d. his tentmaking was needed by authorities

Friday, September 30, 2022

What's the Use of Casting Mulberry Trees into the Sea?

16 Pentecost, C proper 22 October 2, 2022
Habakkuk 1:1-4, 2:1-4 Psalm 37:1-10
2 Timothy 1:1-14 Luke 17:5-10

Lectionary Link

So, what is the use of casting mulberry trees into the sea?  Is this really a valid sign that one's faith has increased?  

This seems to imply that having one's faith increased results in becoming something of a circus show to do totally impractical things.

If one wanted to have great faith to do "nature miracles" how about starting before the profoundly destructive hurricane Ian reached the land.  Didn't all of those coastal residents have the "increased levels" of faith to command the winds of Ian back into the deep sea and away from being able to harm human life and property?

One needs to read the words of Jesus in artistic and literary ways, not literal ways.  The words of Jesus are often enigmatic, mysterious, hyperbolic and inscrutable like a the Japanese riddle koans.

Many of our televangelist preachers and megachurch preacher have become those who are "casting mulberry trees" into the seas.  The primary purpose being to enlarge their membership and coffers so that they can continue to increase their coffers.  They have increased their faith to be able to live is big expensive homes.

How about we pierce the hyperbolic words of Jesus in their irony and in their contextual comparative presentation?

What would the ironic words of Jesus imply?  "So disciples, you want to have more faith?  Do you think great faith means becoming like a freak show, casting trees into the sea to show how great your faith is?

No, faith is like doing the work of a slave, being reliable and faithful, in the tasks which is assigned and doing it without fanfare or show or need to be praised for having great faith."

Jesus was trying to teach his disciple that faith is work which is its own reward because each deed and word accumulates to become great complexes and ambiances of faith and so create the environmental community for love and justice to be practiced.  The way that we get rewarded for our increased faith is to experience the faith environments created which enables goodness to live and thrive. 

If Jesus were here today, he would not use slave vocabulary, but he would say that we are people whose true owner is God, and to live faithful to our Owner and the brand and image of Christ on our lives is what our human calling is.

Too much Christianity has become a freak show with barkers telling us how great their faith is, especially in building complexes and methods to do fantastic collection of more money.

Let us adopt the mustard seed faith of Christ and regard ourselves as being Owned by God  and who are trying to live in moment by moment faithful obedience to the example of love and justice demonstrated by the example of our big brother Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Prayers for the Season of Pentecost 2022

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